Welcome to Load and Help 2018!

Dear readers:

We want to do good with our charity campaign "Load and Help 2018", and we need your support to make it a success!

Here's how it works: We give you great office software for free. For every download through Load and Help, SoftMaker donates € 0.10. We give the money to carefully selected charity projects around the world, which are presented by the non-profit charity platform betterplace.org.

Until December 24, 2018, we offer these packages for free:

  • FreeOffice 2018 for Windows
  • FreeOffice 2018 for Mac
  • FreeOffice 2018 for Linux
  • FlexiPDF Basic 2017 for Windows

You may use these office suites permanently free of charge, and at the same time you do good because SoftMaker donates for every download.

The more downloads, the more money SoftMaker donates, and the more charity projects can be supported. We keep a public tally of all donations, and we report about every project that we support. You can find out exactly where the donation went that we made because of your download.

Please support us! We are banking on you to spread the word. Tell friends and co-workers, post to Facebook, Twitter and discussion forums – whatever you can think of.

Over the years, we have donated a total of more than 40,000 Euro (45,000 USD). Let us work together to raise more money this year!

Martin Kotulla
General Manager
SoftMaker Software GmbH